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What is Graphanalyzer?

Graphanalyzer is an environment for visualization of graphs. Graphanalyzer provides abilities for creating, processing of graphs and shows the results of visualization. Program supports oriented and nonoriented graphs, weighted and non weighted graphs. Program includes many algorithms for graph processing, from path finding to planar checking. This program is an irreplaceable helper for solving tasks occurring in the graph theory. Visualization of graph and algorithm.

Visualization of graph and algorithm.

Вид графаProcess of creating is very friendly. Visualization is very understandable form of graph representation. Program shows result of algorithm in visual form. You can save result of working in an image file. You can add text for graph element.

Graph editing

Mатрица смежностейYou can use different wayes for graph creating: visual editing or editing of adjacency matrix. You can create graph from adjacency matrix.

20 algorithms for graph

Algorithm Program includes many algorithms for graph processing: path searching, searching mininal path (3 different algorithms), searching Eulerian circuit or path and Hamiltonian circuit or path, determining Chromatic number of a graph, searching minimal graph tree, determining transmission capacity with some sources and sinks or with one source and sink, connection check, searching eccentricity, searching radius and diameter of a graph, check up if a graph is a tree, is graph planar, searching the critical path, searching circuit, searching max click.

Additional functions

Software environment Graphanalyzer provide many additional functions such as ability of saving and loading, fast graph converting, adjustment view of vertises, arcs, background, creating graph by map, constructor mode.

What is new in Graphanalyzer 1.3

  • Added ability of selecting type of indexing of vertex.
  • Improved reports.
  • Added searching of cycles of graph.
  • Added searching of max click.
  • Added undo/redo function.
  • Added English interface.